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Yoga Club is proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business!




 Affiliate Program with Yoga Club

Become an affiliate with Yoga Club  and earn money simply by sharing your unique link on your webpage, blog, facebook page, or with your client list!  Our affiliates earn a 10% commission on sales from a growing number of yoga clothing lines and natural healthcare products without having to lift a finger. We now offer five of the highest quality yoga clothing lines including Teeki, Margarita, Liquido, Zobha, and Lily Lotus (see attachment for details on each clothing line)! All commissions are tracked by a third party providing a user dashboard so that you can track web traffic, products of interest, sales, and more, generated through your client base.  We'll also create a promotion specific to you to help you generate interest in our new partnership. Our goal is mutual success and we look forward to working with our affiliates towards that goal! 

Create your affiliate account with a simple two step process in less than 10 minutes.  Then share your unique link directly or as a hyperlink to a picture such as the one above!   

If your interested in becoming an affiliate please fill out this short questionnaire and e-mail it to us at info@yogaclub.us  If you would like more information prior to contacting us please feel free to read the frequently asked questions section below.  Otherwise, simply return the questionnaire to us and we'll send you the details on how to set up your account! 

Frequently Asked Questions

As an affiliate, what commission will I earn? 

Affiliates earn a 10% commission from sales on our yoga clothing lines and natural healthcare products without having to lift a finger.  We now offer five of the highest quality yoga clothing lines available and will continue to expand our offerings in 2015.  Currently we sell Teeki, Margarita, Liquido, Zobha, and Lily Lotus, each a unique and wonderful line of athletic wear.  See our "Summary of Clothing Lines" attachments for more details on each line and why we think you'll love them! 

How are commission earnings tracked? 

Our affiliate program is run and tracked through a third party affiliate software provider  Jrox.  This software will provide each affiliate with a unique ID (similar to what you see on living social as an example) and provide you with a private dashboard such that you can track clicks, sales, commissions, and more by logging in.  You'll be provided with a unique web address such as http://www.yogaclub.us/affiliates/firstlastname to share on your blog, facebook page, etc.  However, when your customers click through it will simply display as our web address http://www.yogaclub.us and the software will track all activity within this unique ID.  The third party program will also track all commissions earned on each sale and cumulatively to be paid.

Who ships the product and provides customer service? 

We will handle all shipping, tracking, returns, etc for all sales.  We have been selling through Amazon, eBay, and directly through our website for close to 8 years and maintain a great customer service track record with a 99% to 100% positive feedback rating on Amazon ad eBay and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We pride ourselves on top quality personal customer service and offer a very favorable refund and exchange policy to our clients to ease the process of ordering clothing on-line.  You can rest assured that your clients and friends will be provided with top quality customer service.

How will we pay our affiliates?   

We will pay all affiliates via PayPal quarterly so long as a minimum of $200 has been earned.  If it is less than $200 then we will simply roll the payment forward into the next quarter until a minimum of $200 has been earned.  All payments and outstanding commissions earned will also be tracked by Jrox and can be accessed anytime via your dashboard. 

How can you advertise and how can we help you? 

We suggest that affiliates provide a permanent link through to their unique ID on their website, blog, business facebook page, etc.   We also suggest that affiliates share this link periodically with any e-mail distribution lists, on twitter, pinterest, instagram, and other social media sites through which they operate.  To help spur interest among your clients, we will periodically, including upon your initial setup, create a short-term sale specific to your company.  We'll provide you with a blurb and picture which you can choose to use to help promote your sale!  Our goal is mutual success and we look forward to working with you towards that goal! 



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