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Alexis Story, RYT- 200, has been practicing various forms of Yoga such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, Ayengar and Power since 2001. First turned on to yoga to compliment her fitness regime, she quickly became passionate about practicing yoga because of the combined elements of strength, flexibility, and breath work. When turning to heighten her own practice and knowledge of yoga through becoming a Nationally Certified Teacher in 2007, she fell in love with the deeper meaning behind the practice, and the power of meditation that comes with good yoga practice. Now teaching part time while owning her own business, Alexis maintains her yoga practice and is always ready to explore new opportunities especially with such a great “floating Studio” as Atlanta Yoga Club. She joined AYC in September 2010 ready to explore a Power Yoga class and push herself and her students to a new edge!


Anika Francis, RYT, CKYT, believes that we must be the change we are looking for in the world. If we want the world to be a better place, we can start by developing and empowering ourselves and what better way than through yoga! Anika practices and teaches yoga because it develops the mind, body and spirit. BKS Iyengar said, "Ignorance has no beginning, but it has an end. There is a beginning, but no end to knowledge." I have learned that a yoga practice can lead us to greater knowledge of ourselves, our strength, and our ability to cultivate peace and love within. All I knew about yoga when I first started practicing in 2003 was that it made me feel better because it released tension, improved my flexibility, and relaxed me. Yoga was the perfect complement to the other physical activities with which I was involved. I tried many different styles of yoga before I discovered and fell in love with the Vinyasa style yoga. I practiced yoga for several years before I delved into some of the deeper aspects of yoga. As I learned about yoga philosophy, I discovered that yoga is a system for personal cultivation which gave me an even greater appreciation for my practice. I was once told by my yoga teacher, John Meredith, that a good yoga practice reveals things about you. Yoga postures are like sign posts. My yoga practice has indeed led me to greater self-awareness. I am constantly learning about my body, my habits, my responses, and my inner strength. My desire is to share what I have learned about the strength that flexibility and openness yields; the ability of the mind and body to overcome limitations; the courage needed to face and overcome our fears; and the power in surrendering.


Ashlee Goilte, RYT, longs to share yoga with newcomers and longtime practitioners alike in order to deepen their life experiences both on and off the mat. She presents yoga in such a way that it is not too intimidating for new students, and so that it challenges more experienced students on both a physical and mental level.  Ashlee enjoys breaking postures down into their different elements and anatomical focuses and explaining their purpose and benefits to her students such that they gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their practice!


Heather Wininger, RYT-200, began practicing yoga in 2002 to as a way to compliment other athletic activities and a high-power corporate lifestyle. In 2005 she developed a knee injury and practiced yoga almost exclusively; around this time, what began as a purely physical endeavor started to develop into something much deeper. Yoga helped her tap into mental strength, stability, stillness, and peace. Over time, yoga became her true passion and she pursued her 200-hour certification from Finding Inner Peace yoga school in Boston. She recently moved to Atlanta to work at a fabulous non-profit and pursue yoga as a career. She teaches a signature style of deep, free-flowing hatha yoga that can be amped up and down depending on the experience and energy levels of the group.


Lisa Cohen, RYT, a self proclaimed reformed "type A" fitness enthusiast, began her yogic journey about a decade ago with weekly hatha yoga classes. It wasn't until she happened to walk into Decatur Hot Yoga in September 2003 that she embraced yoga for both its physical and inner benefits and deepened her practice. After years of running, aerobic fitness classes, and weight training, yoga was a nice shift, and as Lisa calls it, getting in shape "from the inside out". In the past few years, Lisa has had a devoted daily yoga practice focusing on Bikram style hot yoga, also including Vinyasa, as well as Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, Yin/Yang, and the occasional Pilates class. With several hundred classes under her belt, Lisa is honored to have the opportunity to lead weekly silent yoga classes for seasoned Hot yoga devotees and hopes to continue to broaden her practice for years to come.


Marty Erwin, RYT-200, Marty began teaching in 2000 after completing his Ashtanga and Vinyasa training at "It's Yoga" of San Francisco. In 2001, Marty gave up teaching English and Literature to teach Yoga full time. Seeking to broaden his experience, go deeper into the practice, and develop as a teacher, Marty has completed a Vinyasa certification at Asheville Yoga, the 200 hr Kripalu certification at Discovery Yoga, and both the Hot Power Fusion and the Vinyasa certification through Core Power Yoga. Marty is continuing to study in the Kripalu lineage working towards his 500 hr Pranakriya certification with "Yoganand" Micheal Caroll. This class will offer a meditative experience through a challenging and sometimes playful vinyasa practice.


Rosalyn Nix Tate, RYT, began practicing Hatha yoga in 2004, and was introduced to Vinyasa style two years later. In the Fall of 2006, she committed to a regular practice while participating in the “40-Day Personal Revolution” designed by notable author and yoga instructor, Baron Baptiste. During her 40-day transformation, Rosalyn developed the courage and conviction to stretch herself beyond imagination - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Through this experience, she realized that yoga would become a lifelong practice and she wanted to share this gift with everyone. Rosalyn completed her instructor training at onlYoga, and through her practice and teachings, she now considers Ashtanga yoga a continuous challenge and strives to create strength and concentration within that is equally as beautiful as it is powerful. She has studied different styles of yoga with Shiva Rea, Patricia Walden, and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, and consistently evolves her practice by attending annual conferences and workshops around the country. Rosalyn hopes to continue her practice as a student and teacher who can uplift and empower fellow students to embrace their essence and nourish the wonderful possibilities that Asthanga yoga creates within all of us.




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