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Charlotte Yoga Club Instructor Resumes


Audrey Ipapo, RYT 200. Audrey's yoga practice began with dance! Audrey graduated Magna cum Laude from the UNCC with a BA in Dance in '03. There, she performed in numerous departmental productions, as well as with CPCC’s Dance Central. Her choreography was showcased at the American College Dance Festival in 2002. Audrey was a member of KINETYX Dance Ensemble and Kinetic Works Summerdance Professional Company in 2004 and 2005. She received a scholarship to attend Kim Robards Dance Summer Intensive in Denver, CO in 2004, and was a member of the KRD Charlotte professional company in 2006. She performed on the North Carolina Dance Festival tour in 2006-2007 and several times in the Charlotte NCDF concert. Audrey was a member of Queen City Jazz Company and a founding member Charlotte’s first dance collaborative, project incite. She has been on the faculty of Gaston Dance Theater and Sullivan Dance Centre, teaching and choreographing jazz and tap dance for all ages. At present, Audrey is an adjunct professor at the Department of Dance at UNC Charlotte and dances with E.E. Motion. Audrey’s love of movement inspired her to obtain her 200-hour Yoga Certification in Power Vinyasa and she has been teaching with CYC since its inception in 2008. 


Christine Navarro, RYT 200, Director Yoga Club Teacher Training. Christine's first experience with yoga was at a gym in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1997. She was working as a paramedic at the time, and gunshot wounds and cardiac arrests were an everyday occurrence in her world. She found yoga to be a healing place where she could begin to clear away the stresses and anxieties of work and life in general. It made such a profound positive impact on her physically and mentally as she began making better choices. One choice was to become a yoga instructor, which she's been doing full-time since 2002. Christine's had the delight of studying with too many great teachers to mention, but the main influences of her teaching style are Rolf Gates and Sharon Gannon. With lightheartedness, focused intention, an empowering sense of physical challenge, and remembrance of the breath, a yoga class gives us plenty of opportunity to explore our potential. What we then DO with all that potential, is only limited by our imagination! 


Chrys Kub, PT, e-RYT 500, is a physical therapist, yoga therapist and yoga instructor.  Chrys has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 10 years, and training yoga instructors since 2003. She has studied with many of the masters in therapeutic yoga including Mukunda Stiles, Doug Keller, Susie Aldous Hately, and Leeann Carey. Chrys is a practicing physical therapist and yoga therapist and a member and Peer Reviewer of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has developed the Structural Yoga Therapy Course for many teacher training programs including Planet Yoga. She has taught and inspired yoga teachers throughout the US focusing on how to expand the therapeutic benefits of yoga for both themselves and their students. Through her trainings, Chrys will show both the student and the teacher how to observe themselves and their students, honoring each person’s unique capabilities and limitations, enabling aspiring teachers to create both their personal practice and style of teaching. Join Chrys, to further develop and explore your unique practice. 


Carly Howard, RYT 200, Carly discovered yoga while practicing law in Miami, Florida. Yoga helped Carly balance her busy work life with her personal goals, both physical and mental. Carly's dedication to her yoga practice and desire to teach strengthened after moving to Charlotte three years ago, when she was introduced to Charlotte's robust yoga community. Carly is certified with Charlotte Yoga's 200 hour Power Alignment teacher training program. She believes in the holistic benefits of yoga, not only on the mat but in every aspect of life. Carly's classes focus on structural alignment of the physical body through proper anatomical adjustment based on inner observation. By teaching proper alignment, Carly strives to increase her students' strength and flexibility, improve joint motion and durability, and promote athletic sustainability. With the use of Pranayama breathing and light meditation, Carly's Hatha classes help to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and well-being.


Jenifer Shahan, RYT 200, has always been a bouncy, active individual, participating in sports and the myriad of chores belonging to a life on a working farm and ranch. She began gymnastics and cecchetti (ballet) early in life and continued dancing, through competition, teaching and examinations, until she was almost 30. Yoga first appeared on her radar as part of her practice in dance. She experienced the miracle of yoga and yogic breath as a part of her knee rehab after a marathon in 1999 and when she began her legal practice in 2001 in New York City, yoga brought relief from the pressures of NYC life. She soon found herself - "not 'new,' just 'me,' calmer, more myself - more authentic." Jen has practiced a number of different forms of hatha yoga over the last eight years, but in the last four, she's begun to deepen her practice and answer the ever present call to share yoga. She's completed her certification with Yoga One in Charlotte, NC and has studied with Barron Baptist through a week long "practice" in Mexico in 2009.  In Shahan's words, "On a more 'lofty' plane, my belief is that God - His Grace, Love and Truth - play the key role in life that we often ignore and thus, totally miss. Yoga helps us find it. With yoga we create space in the body, we create peace in the spaces in, around and in-between the workings of our physical being. When there is peace in our temple, then we make room for grace to come in and soon our heart, our bones, muscles and tendons have a chance to rest, to have peace and to move harmoniously. From this graceful place also comes room for the mind to rest, to fine peace. From this springs faith and love, hope eternal; we learn to believe in ourselves, in the good in others, …and to trust or have faith that something greater is at work and sometimes the best path is to just let go. If we align the body, we can align the spirit, that other part of ourselves we neglect all too often. Individual creativity, built upon the basis of correct structural alignment, with a little bit of humor, fun and rhythm, is so important to my practice, as is JOY. I find that in Yoga. Yoga opens us up. We become thankful - mindful – of this beautiful blessing of Life and the Grace that can come from it."


Joan Wolfe. Joan's goal is to present a yoga practice to women from preconception through postpartum that is nurturing as well as empowering. Her classes include breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation as well as yoga postures (asanas) to strengthen, stretch and restore overall harmony in the body. In addition to a deeper connection with baby, classes result in an awakening to self and community.  Certified pre/postnatal yoga instructor Joan Wolfe says "As a mother, I bring compassion to the mat. As a lifelong yoga student, I humbly convey a sense of discovery on the mother's yoga journey."


Jayne Carbone, RYT 200. Jayne discovered Yoga in the late 70's after reading Yogananda's life story, Autobiography of a Yogi. She is an RYT 200 and a Reiki Master.  Jayne has studied with teachers in the Iyengar tradition which allows her to bring a holistic approach to her students by helping them develop their mind, body, spirit connection.


Kathyrn Fish, E-RYT 200, has been involved with numerous types of team and extreme sports her entire life and brings a similar vigor to her yoga practice, and her classes. She is passionate about spending time outdoors swimming, rock climbing, back packing and is an avid cyclist. To her surprise, adding yoga to her routine approximately ten years ago revealed inactive and inflexible core muscles. Consequently, she has discovered that the physical aspect of yoga provides infinite potential for conditioning and longevity.  Kathryn provides a comfortable and safe environment for her students to dive into the edge of their efforts while surrendering the mind into the present moment. Whether her class is gentle or dynamic, moving slow or flowing fast, students are encouraged to discover their inner joy as they open up to a deeper understanding of their practice. Kathryn is Yoga Alliance certified through Stephanie Keach at the 230 hour level. Kathryn has continued her education in Yin and Therapudic yoga through Duke Integrative Medicine's Therapeutic Yoga Program (60hrs), Yin Yoga Teacher Training Intensive with Sarah Powers (15hrs), and workshops with David Williams, Rolf Gates, Baron Baptiste, Denise Kaufman, and Dolly Starvos.  Kathryn is also a Certified Body Ecologist through Donna Gates' Body Ecology 7 Principles System of Healing.  Kathryn is eternally grateful to have yoga in her life as it continues to dissolve the borders between mind, body and spirit.


Kristy Price, RYT 200. Kristy found Yoga in 2004, after 10 years of battling chronic back pain from her scoliosis and degenerative disk disease. She chose to become a Yoga teacher so she could spread the love of Yoga to others. She studies with Lillah Schwartz, Cindy Dollar and Roger Cole and continues her study by attending as many workshops as possible.


Laura Robinson, RTY 200, believes yoga is a beautiful, ancient practice that develops awareness at every level of our being. It is a complete science and a sacred art. It is also fun! Yoga is a chance to play, to embrace one’s youthfulness, and to discover the joy of living. It is truly a gift that we give ourselves when we take the time to practice. Laura has been practicing yoga for twelve years and in 2007 received her Yoga Alliance Certification through Pyramid Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Laura also took a three-month residential course in Chakra Yoga. The school’s approach to Hatha Yoga connects asana to the seven chakra energies with an emphasis on integrating pranayama, mantra, and visualization techniques into one’s practice.  There is a strong focus on proper alignment and breathing. Laura's main influences include instructors such as David Goulet and Marina Halleran.


Leslie Dutton, RYT 200, began practicing Yoga as a way to get an incredible workout that activated every muscle in her body. A long time runner, she found that Yoga was essential to keeping her hips and knees happy. Eventually, her practice evolved into a much deeper understanding of body and Self. Leslie completed her Teacher Training at Atlanta Hot Yoga, focusing on Vinyasa and Power Yoga. Leslie also trained in Pilates at Studio Lotus in Atlanta, where is earned her Beginner and Intermediate Mat certifications through Power Pilates. She graduated with a degree in Health Promotion and Human Performance from the University of Georgia in 2002 and is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health/Fitness Specialist. Currently, Leslie works as an Exercise Physiologist with Presbyterian Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab Program.


Lisa Brownstead, RYT 200 is a former TV news anchor who believes in the transformational power of yoga and hopes to help young and old alike find more balance, self esteem and joy in their lives through yoga. She also believes that yoga (and a little bit of humor) leads to a significant decrease in stress and keeps those practicing looking and feeling young! Lisa is the Founder/Owner of Pretty Postures, a yoga party business. Lisa completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training under Johnna Smith and is kids certified under Stephanie Keach. Lisa is an avid student, practicing at workshops led by Baron Baptiste, Rolf Gates, Jim Bennit, Cameron Shayne and Sage Rountree.  Lisa is a mom to three kids who also love yoga.


Madeleine Holt, RYT 200. I've been practicing yoga all my life without realizing it. The first time I stubbed my toe and went running to my Dad he said ‘slow down, take some deep breaths’… and that's all we do on the mat, we slow  down, take time out from the busy world around us and breathe. As individuals we're drawn to yoga for so many different reasons; to meet new people, recover from injury, for flexibility, strength, stress relief…but at some point these reasons become redundant. Yet we continue to show up, and that's one of the reasons I love yoga. We are all there ultimately for the same reason. Yoga makes us better people. Regardless of background, previous life experiences, abilities, age, or sex, yoga's available to everyone. The power yoga I practice constantly has me looking for new space and areas of growth. Every time I step onto my mat I push my edge, while at the same time developing an acceptance of my body and its capabilities and limitations. I've always pushed myself to my edge, on my mountain bike, my snowboard, in the gym, in the ocean, but never before have I found such depth and reward physically as well as mentally. I take what I learn on my mat and use it in everything I do. I look to let go of what's not serving me and focus on the direction I want to go, not on the obstacles. I appreciate more that the decisions we make today are the ones that shape us for tomorrow. I understand that our greatest strength isn't in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. I teach yoga in the hope that others will experience the same feeling of acceptance, strength and growth. When you find something as amazing as yoga, the right thing to do is share it!


Michelle Monroe Spurlock, Michelle Spurlock, PharmD, has been teaching yoga in Charlotte for 6 years. She obtained her teaching certifications (Levels 1 through 4) through YogaFit, an organization that seeks to “demystify” yoga and make it available to people of all backgrounds and fitness levels. Along these lines, Michelle began teaching yoga through Gold’s Gym and Peak Fitness clubs, often introducing yoga to people who never would have tried it if they hadn’t just been “walking by” a class while working out at the gym. For Michelle, one of the great joys of teaching yoga is creating classes that can be enjoyed by both the first-time student and the seasoned practitioner. Michelle also uses her first-hand experience with prenatal yoga, having taught throughout the 9 months of two pregnancies, to assist her pregnant students in their practice. Michelle holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and is a professor with Wingate University School of Pharmacy. Her in-depth knowledge of Western medicine combined with her interest in a more holistic approach to health makes her a valuable resource to all of her students, especially those with health concerns.


Paige Cochran, RYT-200, RM, found yoga in 2000 while living in New York City, seeking solace from "the city that never sleeps." In 2002, she received her 200-hour certification at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Boulder, CO. Over the last ten years, she is amazed at how her yoga practice continues to grow with her and inspires her to share her knowledge with others. She continues to further her experience with yoga, studying with Ciann Masi, of Gypsy in the Lotus Yoga, and taking many workshops. She is also a Reiki Master and studies Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga. There are a couple of different areas within yoga that Paige dedicates her focus. The first is body mechanics. Our bodies are amazing machines and when we understand proper alignment and care of our bodies in yoga poses, we can push them safely to their edges, developing a greater flexibility and strength than we thought possible. The second is play! Children play, animals play, and rarely today do we adults play enough. If you come to one of her classes, be prepared to be challenged and to have fun! Her classes have strong, yet light, group energy. Modifications for poses are offered, but you will be pushed to your edge. There's always somewhere new to go in yoga.


Pam Hansen, RYT,  Pam Hansen has over 15 years in the health and wellness arena. After obtaining her degree in nursing she began work as a Wellness Director at a variety of retirement communities in Southern California and then made a switch into the corporate world where she worked as a sales representative for pharmaceutical/ medical supply companies. After moving to Davidson 12 years ago, Pam stopped working in favor of raising a family. It was during this time that Pam became passionate about yoga and martial arts. Pam became one of the first 75 people in the world to be certified as a Budokon sensei (instructor) teaching a fusion of yoga, martial arts conditioning and meditation. Most recently Pam has started her own business as a Wellness Counselor. She is certified as a holistic living coach and helps clients achieve optimal health and vitality through nutrition and lifestyle modifications.


Phyllis Rollins, is Charlotte's only Iyengar yoga teacher. She began her study of Iyengar yoga in 1988 with Light on Yoga. Since then, she has studied with many of the senior teachers in the U.S. and has traveled twice to India to study with B.K.S. Iyengar, his daughter Geeta, and his son Prashant. In 1993 Phyllis opened The Yoga Center, otherwise known as 8th Street Studio, and in 1995 she earned her certification. She continues her study of the junior intermediate certification syllabus. Most recently she attended the 2007 teachers convention with Geeta Iyengar in Las Vegas.


Rob Bruce, Rob first began his study of chi practices in 1996 with classes in basic chi gong exercises and the comprehensive Eight Treasures chi gong practice introduced to the west by Master Hua-Ching Ni. He received his certification as a Golden Flower Instructor in March 2004 and has taught classes in the Golden Flower tai chi form at various locations in the Charlotte area since the fall of 2004.


Ronnee Golden, CPI. Ronnee's introduction to Pilates was unique and life altering.   Most of her life, Ronnee didn't "work out" but wasn't in bad shape. Then depression struck in her early 20's leading her to gained what she estimates to be about "the weight of a 1st grader" in 6 months!  Ronnee knew she had to make some changes. She joined a nearby gym as her first step! However, the gym was full of "beautiful, fit people" making Ronnee feel like the biggest girl there.  This made her feel very uncomfortable!  Not wanting to quit, Ronnee decided to take a Pilates class.  The structure of this class, laying on her mat in a dimly lit room in which no one was watching her, gave her the confidence to continue attending. After only a few classes Ronnee felt better, faster, and stronger. Pilates became a great love for her. she lost her excess weight and gained both muscle and confidence. Pilates changed Ronnee physically, emotionally and spiritually. This experience led her to become a Certified Pilates Instructor (CPI). Ronnee teaches a fun and high energy class.  She wants people to fall in love with Pilates and with themselves! Ronnee want everyone to live a better quality of life. As she says, "after all, we have this one body and one life...make it count!"


Rowena Hebert, RYT 200, was  dancer from her early childhood.  She studied many forms of dance including classical ballet, jazz and modern dance until moving to Charlotte in 2001.  After moving to Charlotte, an injury limited her ability to practice dance as she'd historically done.  Rowena began to search for a new and  meaningful way to express herself and her creativity, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In 2005, that search led her to yoga. After several years of practice, Rowena decided to pursue her Certification in order share her love for yoga with others.  Rowena completed a 45 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with Stephanie Keach in 2007 and completed her 200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training with Charlotte Yoga in 2009. Rowena has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Boston College and currently works full time in the field of Human Resources and Talent Development.


Sara Cain, eRYT 200, is a registered and certified Yoga Teacher who has been teaching in the Charlotte area since 2002. Sara’s personal yoga practice started in 1999 as an adjunct to her fitness routine. She quickly realized that yoga is a great physical workout but also teaches lessons to live a balanced, healthy, peaceful life. She has a background teaching Power, Vinyasa, Yin, Prenatal, and kids yoga. She has athletic yoga training experience working with her athlete son, youth sports teams, coaches, Girls on the Run club, and adult weekend warrior athletes. Her style is positive and empowering; she encourages students to grow by finding the calm at their edge. She is committed to practicing and sharing the benefits of yoga, fitness, health, and wellness.


Shanna Small, RYT 200, started exploring yoga at a little Ashtanga studio in Atlanta. She fell in love with the beauty, dedication, and strength that she witnessed in the hearts of those that practiced around her. She discovered that through self study and steady practice, suffering can be eradicated and that joy and peace are the birthright of every man. While Shanna is honored to have been in the presence of many inspiring teachers and she is heavily influenced by the legacy of others, she believes that there is no more powerful teacher then the present moment.  As a writer and a teacher, Shanna hopes to inspire dedication, love, discipline, mental and physical well being and self study in her students.


Sibylle Klaus, RYT, has been in the fitness industry since 2002 and is an accomplished athlete with a background in a wide variety of sports in her native Germany. Sybille’s certifications include AFAA Aerobic and Pilates, Zumba, Kickboxing.  She is also trained in Powerstrike, Budokon, Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Stability Chair as well as CPR.  In 2010, Sensei Sibylle earned her purple belt in Budokon, a level currently achieved by only a few.  Sibylle's classes are fun and challenging as she strives to always push students to a new edge. 


Sonya Pfeiffer, RYT 500. What began as an attempt to loosen muscles and alleviate joints from years of marathon training became a passion and personal journey of self-awareness. Sonya's exploration of yoga continued for the next three years with a sampling from various traditions, and in 2001, Sonya received her first teaching certification. Sonya has studied at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, the Triad Yoga Institute and is certified through Equipoise Yoga Studio. She has also completed several YogaFit trainings with a focus on athletes. Sonya is also a Pilates instructor certified by the Bodhi Tree Yoga & Pilates School. She has taught at several studios and fitness facilities in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, including Blue Lotus Movement and Arts, Nirvana Yoga, Club O2, the YMCA, and the UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont. Most recently, Sonya taught at Breathing Room in Charlotte, and continues to offer workshops for athletes as well as vigorous vinyasa-detox workshops. With respect and appreciation for the many yogic paths, Sonya’s classes are flow-based with attention to proper alignment.


Yvonne Brown, e-RYT 500, specializes in teaching Iyengar yoga.  Iyengar yoga is often referred to as the "learning-persons yoga" because students truly "learn" how to perform each pose and what muscles and joints they should be working when in each pose rather than simply following a prescribed set of poses.  The trademark of Iyengar Yoga is an intense focus on the subtleties of each posture, which allows for deeper penetration of every position! In an Iyengar class, poses are typically held much longer than in other schools of yoga, so that participants can pay close attention to the precise muscular and skeletal alignment each posture demands. Yvonne has taken a 230 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher training program in '04 and '07, respectively.  She has also taken teacher training courses specializing in yoga for people with cancer and multiple sclerosis. 

CYC Wellness Professional Resumes    

Jenn West, MS, CHES, ACSM, NSCA, CSCS, has been an integral part of creating the boot camp program for Yoga Club. Jenn is a Health and Wellness Educator and Coach, specializing in fitness and nutrition programs. She has over 10 years of experience working with both groups and individuals in a variety of settings including corporations, universities, hospitals, and most recently the area of public health. Jenn’s interest in fitness and nutrition spurred as she played collegiate softball for Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT. During that time, Jenn earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health Education as well as the National Strength and Conditioning Associations Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS) credential. Over the course of the next five years, Jenn worked as a Wellness Program Manager for ProFitness Health Solutions, earned a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from Southern Connecticut State University, and earned two nationally accredited certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing. She also coached four years of varsity softball, implementing successful strength and conditioning programs to improve the player’s performance. Currently, Jenn is managing a community based grant focusing on reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke through small incremental lifestyle changes. She is also finishing a Masters Degree in Nutrition from Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, CT and collaborating with Intrinsic Health Source, a Connecticut based Health and Wellness Company, to bring quality fitness and nutrition education to the web. Jenn’s main passion is empowering individuals to take charge of their health by providing them with the tools they need to be successful as well as encouraging them to follow their unique path towards optimal wellness.  Master of Science (MS); Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES); American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM); National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA); Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).


Angel Stoy, ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), Exercise Science.  Angel's passion, over the past ten years, has been teaching group exercise classes to adults of all ages with an emphasis on muscular strength and endurance. Graduating from UNC Charlotte with her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, she has been well- equipped with the information and knowledge to provide safe and effective wellness programs to participants of all ages. What she enjoys most is the opportunity to bring movement, education, and loads of excitement to people who want to make positive changes towards health and wellness.  Angel's goal is to help others build strong bodies that will open doors to better health.































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