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Dallas Yoga Club Instructor Resumes

Ashlee Goilte, RYT 500, longs to share yoga with newcomers and longtime practitioners alike in order to deepen their life experiences both on and off the mat. She presents yoga in such a way that it is not too intimidating for new students, and so that it challenges more experienced students on both a physical and mental level.  Ashlee enjoys breaking postures down into their different elements and anatomical focuses and explaining their purpose and benefits to her students such that they gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their practice!


Susie Farnick, RYT, Susie's journey into yoga began over 8 years ago after the loss of her mother. Looking for something that could help soothe the physiological symptoms of grief, she found yoga and its awesome healing potential! As many of her friends and family would agree, she always had a difficult time sticking with one thing for a while, but yoga kept calling her back to learn, grow, laugh, experience and love. In fact, the thing that keeps her learning, teaching and growing in her practice is that this journey never ends! For Susie, yoga is a celebration of movement, breath, love and life and continues to feed her body, mind and spirit. Her newest love has been her prenatal yoga classes inspired by her training with Stephanie Keach. The miracle of life keeps her humbled and amazed as she teaches and inspires her students to honor their bodies during such a magical and sacred time. She feels blessed to have trained under Stephanie Keach for both Vinyasa Teacher Training and Prenatal Teacher Training. She is also inspired by Baron Baptiste and his style of teaching, writing and wisdom. She recently spent time training under Sean Corne for a Chakra Flow workshop and strongly feels that she will never stop being student. She is thankful to all her teachers who have touched her in so many ways leaving fingerprints of insight, wisdom, love, compassion and light. As the Hopi teaching instructs us, "We are the ones we have been waiting for."






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