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Boot Camp with YC! 

Create A New You and Be the Best You Can Be with Boot Camp!

First question to address....Yoga Club's Boot Camp Programs are just that...BOOT CAMP and NOT Yoga!  Boot camp workouts are a great way to get fit, lose fat, have fun and meet others. Boot Camp focuses on full body fitness and addresses all areas of fitness including cardio and muscular endurance, fat and weight loss, full body strength, agility, balance, flexibility, and periodization!  Additionally, Boot Camp trainers recognize that while fitness is a crucial part of general health, helping you to achieved the best YOU you can be, there are many other important aspects to your health. As a part of our Boot Camp Program, we'll engage trained professionals to educate participants on nutrition and other wellness practices not only crucial to general health, but also vital for those looking to further their level of fitness!  Most importantly, BOOT CAMP GETS YOU RESULTS! 

While this is BOOT CAMP, please know that we work to create a fun and encouraging environment that everyone enjoys!  Our instructors will certainly encourage you, but you won't experience people yelling in your face or intimidating you!  Our instructors love to laugh, have a great time, and make sure our participants are enjoying themselves, while still pushing you to your edge!  As we've had students say, our instructors are part drill sergeants and part cheer leaders!  Once you've experienced the YC Boot Camp program, you're going to love how it makes you feel and the wonderful results you'll see. Make getting fit fun with YC's Boot Camp Programs!  We currently offer two different styles of Boot Camp monthly!  We offer a 5-Day Military Styled  Boot Camp and a 30-Day 17-Session Boot Camp complete with consultation with a nutritionist to help you achieve your goals!

What are others are saying about Boot Camp with YC?

"I'm delirious with tiredness....but its awesome!!!" ~Denise

"Fantastic workout!" ~Stephanie

"Awesome bootcamp!!! It is kicking my a$$, but in the best way possible. I finished they 4 of 5 today and think I will probably sign up for another session coming up. Sergeant Roy is really tough, but hilarious too." ~Erika

What's the Cost? 

If your not familiar with Yoga Club, our goal is to make quality fitness practices more affordable and accessible for everyone, without skimping on quality!  We think you'll find that as with our yoga practices we're offering a quality Boot Camp program for only a fraction of the standard cost. As such, we're offering our 4-Week Boot Camp program for $145 for Yoga Club members and $175 for non-members!  This equates to as little as $8-$10 per class!

   With Yoga Club You Get MORE Than What You Pay For! 

We look forward to your participation in MANY of the wonderful Boot Camp programs we'll be offering!

4-Week Boot Camp! 

Whatever your fitness and health goals, YC's 30-Day Boot Camp Program will jump start your progress with a professionally-designed, indoor and outdoor fitness program that energizes and encourages you to find your BEST YOU!  Our experienced team of instructors will work with you, every step of the way, to help you achieve your goals and reach a new level of health and wellness. Our instructors are very well trained to not only get you in the best shape of your life, but also help you improve life habits, outlook, and attitude, as you break down mental barriers that may be keeping you from your potential, not only in your exercise habits but in many other aspects of your life!  According to much research 30-days is the magic number to change habits, taste buds, food desires and more!   Join us for 30-days and change your exercise and eating habits to be the best you can be!

Upcoming Evening Boot Camp 4/4 - 4/29/11 in Charlotte, NC!

4-Week BC Cost: $145 for YC Paid Members; $175 for Non-Members

Location: Parks in Dilworth / South End

Dates: We'll hold class every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (Last Week Everyday)

Fitness Instructors: Charla Griffith, Ronnee Golden, Nadine Ford, & Sgt. Roy Lewis!

Wellness Professionals: Jenn West, MS, CHES, ACSM, NSCA, CSCS

                                                  Angel Stoy, Exercise Physiologist, ACSM


Non-Member's $175
Member Price $145
To purchase membership for $39.95 per year visit our Membership page!  Membership includes discounted $5 yoga, pilates, tai chi and other classes with CYC, discounted Boot Camps, and discounts at various area restaurants and other businesses!

What will YC's 30-Day Boot Camp Program look like?

  • FITNESS ASSESSMENT - We'll start with a thorough fitness assessment such that you know your starting point! This will hit many different areas of measurement such that you can measure your goals whether your goal is increased endurance, to loose body weight or fat, or simply improve your running time!

  • PHYSICAL PRACTICE 4 DAYS A WEEK -  We'll offer a physical boot camp practice four days a week with varying routines and areas of focus.  We'll have a couple of different instructor teams working with you on each day, such that you get the best of the best focusing on their proven area of expertise!  While each day you'll get a full body workout, one day will focus more heavily on upper body, another lower body, another the core, so forth and so on!  This will total 17 sessions!

  • HOME PRACTICE - We'll recommend certain practices for you to consider engaging in on your own time in addition to our group practices four times per week.  These may include walking, stretching, yoga, and other practices to help provide increased balance to your workout routine! 

  • NUTRITION AND WELLNESS - We'll provide daily e-mails from our experienced wellness team which will provide you with information about various aspects of nutrition and other health habits vital to your wellness and training regimen.  We'll include information about nutrition, food label reading, sleeping habits, stress, exercise habits and the effects of each on your general health.

  • FITNESS RE-ASSESSMENT - We'll provide you with the tool to conduct another fitness assessment on your own to help measure your progress! This can help you to set on-going personal goals, both physical and lifestyle, to help you maintain or continue to work towards the goals you've set for yourself! 

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