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Charlotte, NC ~ Workshops

Assisting Inversions & Balancing Postures  ●  Saturday 5/12  ●  1 - 5 PM 

Arm Balancing Workshop ●  Sunday 5/13 ●  1 PM - 5 PM

Assisting Workshop

Johnna Smith eRYT 500

Art of Assisting ~  Focus Inversions & Balancing 

* Learn Safe & Effective Hands-On Adjusting Techniques

* Explore Anatomy & Alignment Principals for Assisting

* Learn to Support & Enhance a Students Yoga Experience

Arm Balancing Immersion

* Play with arm balancing postures, inversions, and assists

* Explore the kleshas & yoga philosophy relating to fear and  

   misunderstanding truths

Cost: $45 Pre-Paid; $50 Walk-In

Location:  planBreath (Plaza MidWood)

                     1601 Fulton Ave Charlotte, NC 28205

Please note that refunds are not available.

Arm Balancing Workshop

** For detail on the full weekend immersion with 26.75 Hours Applicable towards either Yoga Club's  200 Hour or 500 Hour Teacher Training costing $275 pre-paid 30 days in advance please click here.

Art of Assisting Immersion ~ Practice & Philosophy

With Johnna Smith, eRYT 500,  Instructor Yoga Club Teacher Training

Our Art of Assisting Workshop is designed to provide yoga teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to give effective and empowering adjustments for their students.  Learning to assist students in a yoga class takes clear intention, complete focus, and agility of both the mind and body. Through this workshop Johnna will teach you stabilizing, corrective, and deepening full-body adjustments to help take your students to the next level of their practice.  This workshop will provide you with a deep understanding of healthy alignment and form as well as specific hands-on adjustments for both foundational  and advanced postures. You will leave this immersion with the skill set and confidence necessary to create fully empowering assists for your students in their practice. You can apply everything learned to teaching any style of yoga you may choose.

Arm Balancing

Learn the FUNdamentals of arm balancing! We'll explore how your core strength and proper alignment can create a lightness in your body allowing you to do or further improve many of the arm balancing postures you may have once thought impossible! Come play and explore the many postures your already capable of may just not yet have tried! We'll take a look at various preparatory exercises for arm balancing, the stages of each pose, and variations to challenge and inspire every yogi! We'll also play with some inversions and partner flying!  Expect to be at that exciting place known as your 'edge'!

Exploring the Kleshas ~ Fear & Misunderstanding Truths

Throughout the weekend we'll delve into the Kleshas.  The kleshas are considered the causes of our suffering.  These "afflictions" distort our mind and our perceptions effecting how we think, act and feel.  Avidya (ignorance) is defined as the misconception of our true reality, such as believing that the temporary is eternal, the impure is pure, and pleasure to be pain. This false representation of reality is the root klesha and leads to the other four ~ Asmita (ego and false self perceptions); Raga (clinging to attachments); Dvesha (aversion to pain); Abhinivesha (fear of death and change). 

About Johnna? 

Johnna Smith 500 E-RYT, has been a student of yoga since 1995. She has spent these years studying various traditions which she incorporates into the Tantra Vinyasa Yoga practice as taught by her teachers, Rod Stryker and Barron Baptiste.

Johnna’s background includes studying Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India (2004, 2006, 2008), Tantra with Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker (since 2001), Vipassana Buddhist practice with S.N. Goenka, and other traditional styles of Hatha yoga in India.

Starting in 2001 she began an in-depth study of Sri Vidya Tantra Yoga, which led her to Para Yoga with Rod Stryker, she completed his 500 hour teacher training in 2006. Johnna is an avid student of both Western and Eastern philosophy, as well as Sanskrit.

Johnna teaches public classes at many studios in Charlotte as well as spending a good part of each year traveling teaching teachers throughout the world. As part of that she offers Teacher Intensive courses and special classes through the United States.

Johnna believes that the yoga mat is a great place to cultivate awareness, with the ultimate goal being to take the practice from the mat into one’s daily life. Johnna is known for being motivational and spiritual in tone while leading you to the edge of your experience on the mat.

This workshop is for ALL LEVELS. 

Please bring a yoga mat, water and any other items you need for yoga practice.

Thanks to our sponsor Natural Healthcare Store!


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