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Chrys Kub, ERYT 500

PT, Program Director

200 Hour Teacher Training

with Yoga Club, RYS

Weekend Immersions Ongoing

in Charlotte, Atlanta, Raleigh & More!

Yoga Alliance Registered School, Member IAYT, CEC's Available

Melanie Snyder, RYT 500, Director of School


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What Makes Yoga Club's Teacher Training Program Unique?

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Weekend Immersions List

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About Us

This program is open to both serious students looking to deepen their understanding of yoga in addition to those looking to pursue their 200 Hour Yoga Alliance approved Certificate of Completion. Yoga Club’s 200 hour teacher training program is uniquely designed to provide you with the skills necessary to teach yoga, no matter which style you choose to teach. Our program is on-going such that you can join anytime and choose the weekends of the most interest to you. Our lead instructors have helped us to compile a wonderful curriculum, with many of the best instructors in Charlotte and the surrounding area, each teaching within their respective area of expertise. We'll show you how to implement skills to deepen your practice and develop a keen eye to help students properly grow their practice. We'll also offer many weekend immersions in variety of styles of asana practice.  Through the introduction of many styles of yoga, we’ll help guide you to teach your authentic practice…be it Power, Hatha, Yin, or your unique practice including elements of many styles. Each weekend immersion will be taught by an instructor with expertise in that particular style or subject, allowing you to take advantage of their in-depth knowledge. Yoga immersions will include Ashtanga, Iyengar®, Hatha, Power, Yin, Therapeutic, Restorative, Anusara®, Universal®, Pre-Natal, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Seniors, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Chakra Yoga, Raw Yoga ~ Yoga & Nutrition for Detoxification, Yoga & Nutrition for Weight Loss, and more.  No other teacher training program offers this unique opportunity, introducing future instructors to the influences of so many different styles of yoga, at a very affordable price, with such a flexible schedule. "It's not just your average teacher training program!"TM   Click to view pictures from our past teacher training programs.  For more information about our faculty and their credentials please view their bios.

How will This Program Be Structured?

Our lead instructors bring a wealth of knowledge to the program.  Each have been teaching for well in excess of ten years, with more than 10,000 hours teaching experience, and have been leading teacher trainings for ten or more years.  Our instructors will teach you the skills necessary to teach vinyasa flow yoga (linking movement to breath) with a concentrated focus on proper therapeutic principles of alignment through four required weekends including (i) Anatomy of Yoga, (ii) the Art of Assisting, (iii) the Art of Teaching Yoga, and (iv) Foundations of Yoga Asana.   Additionally, we'll offer many optional weekend immersions, each with a focus on a different style of yoga or focused area of study, taught by an instructor with specific expertise in that modality.  200 Hour participants may choose from among any of these offerings the immersion of the most interest in order to complete a full 200 hours (including both contact and non-contact hours)!  We estimate this to be approximately 9 to 10 weekend immersions, depending on the weekend you select for participation.  For a complete list of both required and optional weekends for the 200 hour program please visit our list of weekend immersions.

Guide to required weekends which can be found on our list of upcoming weekend immersions (and please note that each of these weekends will be repeated in various cities regularly). 

  1. Anatomy of Yoga ~  Options to fulfill this requirement include Structural Anatomy of Yoga; Energetic Anatomy of Yoga;  and Anatomy of Yin Yoga (or Yin Yoga with Joe Barnett).  Each of these Anatomy of Yoga weekends, while offering a different focus, will cover a base knowledge of the body's muscular and skeletal systems.  Please be sure to review the required reading book Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff prior to this weekend training and review the book in detail throughout training. 

  2. The Art of Assisting ~ Options to fulfill this requirement include any weekend immersion on assisting.  Please be sure to review our Art of Assisting Manual prior to attending this weekend.

  3. The Art of Teaching Yoga ~ Options to fulfill this requirement include The Art of Intelligent Sequencing (Focus Therapeutic Principals of Sequencing) and The Art of Teaching Yoga (Focus Practicum). 

  4. Foundations of Yoga Asana: Options to fulfill this requirement include any Iyengar Immersion, Restorative Yoga or Structural Assessment for Yoga Therapy* (*recommend strong kinesiology and anatomy background/knowledge base)

Flexibility of the Program

Our training program is on-going!  As such, we'll be offering weekend trainings approximately every  three weeks throughout the year and repeating the required weekends for those in the 200 hour program each spring and fall.  As such, you can jump into the program anytime you'd like and can finish as time allows within two years from your start date!  You can choose not only the weekend subjects of interest but also the weekend dates that fit best with your schedule and time frame!    For a complete list of both required and optional weekends for the 200 hour program please visit our list of weekend immersions (Please note that we will offer all required immersions one to two times per year. As such if you do not see one of the required weekend currently listed we are likely in process of finalizing details.  Please feel free to contact us directly for more information at info@yogaclub.us)

Yoga Club is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, RYS 

Yoga Club is both a 200 Hour and 500 Hour Registered School.  Our programs are registered with Yoga Alliance such that you can receive your RYT status post graduation.  To find out more about our program please contact info@yogaclub.us  Registration information included below. 

Continuing Education Credits ("CEC's)

Each of the weekends included in this program are led by an E-RYT (or an Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor).  As such, each weekend training is eligible for CEC's with Yoga Alliance.  For more information about CEC's please visit the Yoga Alliance website at http://www.yogaalliance.org/content/continuing-education-units-requirements

Program Cost: (Payment Links Below)

Our 200 Hour program is structured such that you can jump in anytime you'd like to get started!  To join, please complete the application below and pay an application fee of $200.  Beyond that, simply register for the weekends of interest until you've completed all 200 hours of trainings.  Most weekend trainings each cost $299 pre-paid up to $350 the day of the immersion.  As such, the total cost of the program can be as little as $2,700 if all weekends pre-paid up to ~$3,000 if all weekends are selected last minute.  Each of the weekends included in this program are led by an E-RYT (or an Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor) or an expert in the particular field of study.  As such, each weekend training is eligible for CEC's with Yoga Alliance. Click to learn more about our referral program and how you can earn credits towards our workshops and immersions just by sharing with friends. 

Deposit     $200  (Covers Homework, Final Class, and Mentoring to be Reviewed.  Payment Link Below) **
Estimated Tuition   $2,700 - $2,900 (This is an estimate and may vary depending on the weekends chosen to participate in to complete training and whether or not you register early) **

**Please note that this is an estimate of total tuition based on the standard weekend offering which offers 26.75 credit hours and costs $275 early tuition and $325 regular tuition.  However, we offer many weekends from which students may choose, including some led by nationally recognized yoga instructors which may be more expensive than our standard offering.  As such the total cost may vary based on the weekends in which you choose to participate to complete your training. 


To secure your space in Yoga Club's Teacher Training please fill out the application below and submit your application fee of $200.  Your application should be e-mailed to chryskub@yogaclub.us .  This application will allow us to assess your current level of experience and understand your desired outcome from participating in this teacher training program such that we provide you with the best experience possible. Payment Links Below.

Application (Word or PDF)





Deposit / Application Fee   $200


Register for First Immersion   Weekend Immersions List

What Instructors are Saying About Our Program?

"Taking Yoga Club's teacher training was one of the best decisions I could have made. I learned the details and the importance of yoga by studying all different kinds of styles from kids yoga to prenatal to anusara, to vinyasa...and the list goes on. It has truly been an amazing experience. Not only have I met a wonderful group of people I now call my good friends, but I have also gained a considerable amount of knowledge about life, and yoga that I can carry with me forever! I can't wait to sign up for the 500 hr training."  ~Michelle Arndt, RYT

"Allow me to congratulate you on the excellent caliber of training in your Yoga Teacher Training Course. People don't believe it when I tell them how fantastic it is to be learning at 6:55 pm on a Sunday evening, after a long weekend of yoga. Every phase of the course has been A+++ (off of the charts!), and that's from someone who has trained several massage teachers. Great job!"  ~Lenny Martineau PhD, LMBT

"I worked with Melanie and the team at Yoga Club to receive my 200 RYT certification over the past year. Each of the teachers for the diverse trainings I attended was amazing - skilled not only in their area of expertise but their ability to relay their craft to others effectively. The flexibility to choose classes and subjects that work for your schedule is a wonderful idea and the only way I could have received the training at this point in my life. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering certification." ~Meghan  McDonald RYT 200, Owner Mc2 Athletics

"I want to mega thank Yoga Club for educating & training me.  The integrative approach that Yoga Club takes on to train Yoga Teachers through multiple E-RYT's who are dedicated & passionate of their skill sets is why I chose to be trained & educated by Yoga Club. In the Marine Corps one individual does not educate & train you. It takes multiple individuals who are experts in their skills to create a Marine. Yoga Club takes the same approach to create Yoga Teachers. The choice was natural for me to pursue my 200 hours & ready to continue on to 500 hours. I recommend Yoga Club because of its multi faceted approach to education & training! During all the Immersion Weekends the teachers were outstanding in their curriculum & training. It was an honor to be their student. All the other students that I have met have demonstrated themselves to be amazing & will also be a part of my history. I know I am a better SELF because of Yoga Club & the students whom I shared this journey with."  ~Alvaro Matta, RYT 200, Nutritionist, US Marine, Co-Founder Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness

" 'Holistic Yoga' should be the name for Yoga Club’s 'new' branch of the yoga tree. It is a learning experience combining asana, health, nutrition, medicine, breathing, meditation and openness. Broad in scope, non-dogmatic, excellent teachers knowledgeable in their expertise, the training is challenging and fun. I can get my 200 hour certification at my own pace or just enjoy the infusion of knowledge to advance my own practice. Excellent." ~ Jerry Cinq-Mars, Serious Student…Still Learning

"After a weekend packed with 24 hour of Yoga With Yoga Club Charlotte in this summers 200 hour teacher training certification, I can now say I know I found the perfect course. My eyes have been opened little by little with bits of knowledge letting me see the light of the world we live in." ~Joseph Snider

Sample Weekend Agendas

Friday 6 pm - 9 pm

  • Practicum - Practice Teaching, Assisting, and Observing Instruction

  • Yogic Theory and Philosophy - The Yoga Sutras in the Modern World ld

Saturday 9 am - 6 pm

  • Posture Breakdown with Alignment Focus: Sun Salutations, Standing Postures, Forward Bends

  • Theory and Philosophy - Yamas & Niyamas, Yoga Lifestyle

  • Lunch & Learn: Question and Answer Session With Your Instructors

  • Asana Master Class: Ashtanga, Anusara, Yoga Therapy, etc

  • Teaching / Practicum - What is a good yoga teacher? What makes a yoga class great?

  • Teaching Methodology - Introduction to and Advanced Sequencing, Meditation, Pranyama 

Sunday 9 am - 6 pm

  • Posture Breakdown with Alignment Focus: Balancing Postures, Inversions, Twists, Backbends

  • Lunch & Learn: Question and Answer Session With Your Instructors

  • Theory and Philosophy - Ecological Lifestyle and Diet

  • Asana Master Class: Iyengar, Yoga Therapy, etc

  • Teaching / Practicum - The Student Becomes the Teacher

  • Teaching Methodology - Yoga Teaching Style, Voice Quality, Yoga Teacher Code of Ethics




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