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Manduka MatWare® Mat Sleeve                                              Back to Manduka

Price:  $80.00                                                                                           Back to Active Wear

Manduka Mat Sleeve

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  Midnight Mat Sleeve

  Thunder Mat Sleeve

  Camo Mat Sleeve



Made of water-resistant recycled fabric, the MatWare Mat Sleeve is sleek and surprisingly spacious with a ventilated, structured mat compartment and accessory pockets.



Sleek and surprisingly spacious, the MatWare Mat Sleeve is made of water-resistant recycled fabric. It features a U-shaped zippered flap for quick, easy access to a structured interior that protects the mat and provides proper ventilation. The Mat Sleeve is versatile for overnight and air travel with an external storage pocket for essential yoga accessories and an inside ‘safe’ compartment for your valuables. With custom clips and rings to secure your keys, water bottle and towel, the Mat Sleeve looks great and functions brilliantly.

Small: Fits mats with 24" width (i.e. PROlite & eKO Lite) Large: Fits mats with 26" width (i.e. Black Mat® PRO & eKO Mat)

Manduka MatWare Collection is an ergonomically-inspired line of yoga mat carriers designed for the way you live and practice. Whether you travel from the office to the studio, traverse the globe in search of the perfect yoga setting, spend your weekends practicing outdoors, or simply enjoy the freedom of biking to class, MatWare is the best way to transport and protect your yoga gear. Enjoy the journey.


  • Sleek and spacious design

  • Low profile non-slip shoulder pad for ergonomic support

  • Flexible shoulder pad glides easily over adjustable strap for custom sizing

  • External pocket to store accessories

  • Outer bungee cord to secure towel or water bottle

  • Rings for carabiner attachments

  • Hidden ‘Safe’ pocket for valuables

  • Top-loading flap for easy mat entry & retrieval

  • Structured interior that resists collapse

  • Durable, water-resistant fabric and reversible zipper protect inner contents

  • Premium zipper pull for easy grip

  • Ventilation points to allow mat to breathe

Use and Care:

To Clean: Fabric does not absorb dirt and can easily be wiped clean with soap and a damp cloth.

To Wash: Remove shoulder strap and secure inside bag. Machine wash on cold in a front-loading machine without a spindle. Hang or tumble dry on low. Note: Excessive laundering may impact the structure of the bag over time.

Green Mission: The MatWare Collection uses durable recycled poly fabric produced from recovered plastic bottles (recycled PET) that are melted down and spun into polyester fiber thread. The production process of the MatWare Collection is certified for energy conservation by Oeko Tex and IOS. The factory conserves petroleum resources and significantly reduces the amount of CO2 emissions during the production process.




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